Frequently Asked Questions

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For Customers

  1. How to purchase a logo?

    It's simple. Browse around the store for a logo that catches your eye, and purchase it by pressing or clicking on the big blue button. Pay either through your PayPal account, or if you don't have one, you may also pay using your credit card.

  2. How do I customize my purchased logo?

    After purchasing your new logo, an email will be sent to you. Inside will be a link, which you will need to click on. The link will open up a special page, where you can answer a few basic questions on the type of customization you need. This includes name of the brand, color, design style, and a few other aspects of the logo. Remember, only minor changes can be made to the logo.

  3. How long to customize a logo?

    It will take anywhere from a day to a few days to customize your logo. It depends on the nature of the requested customization. Average waiting time is probably a day.

  4. How much to purchase a logo?

    Logos are priced anywhere from US$250 to US$1000. It depends on what designers are willing to price the logos at. Average prices are around $300.

  5. What methods of payment do you accept?

    PayPal or credit cards, which are also processed by PayPal. If you're paying using your credit card, you don't have to create a PayPal account.

  6. What to do after purchasing a logo?

    You will need to wait for the email to arrive to your inbox, before proceeding with the instructions within. Remember to provide a real working email address during purchase!

  7. What file formats will I get after purchasing my logo?

    After the customization is complete, you will receive the logo in these formats: EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG (with Transparency), and any others you may wish. The original AI version may also be sometimes provided, but not always.

  8. Where do I find my purchase invoice?

    It will be emailed to you after purchase. If you did not receive it, you may contact us via, and let us know which logo you bought, and which email you used for the purchase.

  9. What rights do I get after purchasing a logo?

    After purchasing a logo, you will receive full rights to it.

  10. Can I resell my purchased logo?

    Since it completely belongs to you, you may resell it if you wish. Understand that when rights are transffered to you after purchase, we will have no further obligation into servicing the logo. So if you do decide to resell it to someone else, you will need to handle its customization.

  11. Do you do refunds?

    Refunds will be possible as long as the logo isn't delivered to you. If the logo was sent over to you, no refunds are possible.

  12. What if I need more changes to my logo?

    If the changes are simple and within reason, we can help you out. Else, you will have to hire a designer to handle changes.

  13. Do you offer design work besides logos?

    Yes. Send an email to chat:

For Designers

  1. How do I make my logo design available for purchase?

    Register for an account. Then click or select your username (upper-right corner of the page), then choose "Manage Account". From there, you may upload a new logo

  2. I'm not from the US, can I still sell my logos?

    Yes! Registration in the site is free for anyone around the world! However, because we deliver payment via PayPal to designers, ensure that your country is on PayPal's list:

    Check this list out as well:

  3. How do I format and prepare my logos for pruchase?

    Every registration email contains a guide to how to prepare your logos for sale. If you've lost the link, you may visit this link for more details:

  4. What fonts can I use for logos?

    When designing your logo, it is recommended to use fonts that explicitly say "free for commercial use". "Free for personal use" doesn't count, since you're selling the logo. Also, when delivering logos to customers, do not include the fonts. Delivering the original font files is basically piracy, and will not be condoned. Ensure that fonts are flattened before delivering the final files.

  5. Can I customize the title of my logo? What about the description?

    Yes you can. Click or select your username (upper-right corner of the page), then choose "Manage Account". From there, all of your logos are shown. Modify the title and description of your logo however you wish.

  6. How do categories work?

    Label them however you wish! Make sure to separate by commas.

  7. How fast will my logo appear in the store?

    Instantly! Just make sure to give it a title.

  8. Can I sell my logos in different logo/stock sites?

    You may choose to, but it's not recommended, as you may receive multiple buyers of the logo. If someone else purchases the logo in another site, you cannot continue listing it for sale here. Likewise, if someone purchases the logo here, you may not sell that logo in another site. All rights to the logo will go to the buyer after purchase.

  9. A customer bought my logo, but I didn't receive any responses or requests!

    Be patient!

  10. After a sale is complete, how do I get my money?

    After a customer purchases your logo, the funds will be held in the website. You will need to head over to your Management Profile to select the "Withdraw" button.

  11. When I withdraw my funds, how fast will I get paid?

    After you withdraw, we will process the funds within 1-2 days. After that, PayPal will require additional time to deliver the funds to your PayPal account.

  12. How much of the sale do I get as a designer?

    You will receive 80% of the selling price of every logo you sell.

  13. How do I delete my logo?

    Click or select your username (upper-right corner of the page), then choose "Manage Account". From there, all of your logos are shown. Delete the ones you don't need.

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